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College of Pharmacy, Navi Mumbai


Career Options: Pharma
There has been a swift increase in growth with respect to pharmacy profession since the last couple of years and as we are taking a plunge into the competitive scenario by being a part of WTO-TRIPS agreement, there is going to be a chunk of job avenues also opening up.

Pharmacy is the third largest health profession in the US. Researching, manufacturing, authorization and dispensing of various drugs and medications are important skill sets which form the core of this profession. Pharmacists are an essential part of the health care industry and play a fundamental role in providing patients with the best possible health care. There are many options available with a career in pharmacy making it an all in all lucrative and rewarding career.

The following is a list of areas where Pharmacists can be found working:

Pharmaceutical Industry:

In the industry, there are a plethora of departments functioning which help the pharmacist seeking the right kind of job. R & D formulations, bulk drugs, BA-BE, Clinical research, IPR, Drug safety, regulatory affairs, QA, R & D analytical forms the various sections of a pharma MNC. Business development is yet another area which is an opportunity for exploring the techno-business potential in a candidate. Prospects are also available in sale promotion work as medical representatives. The medical rep keeps the medical practitioner informed about the new drugs and treatments developed by various pharmaceutical companies and thus indirectly promote their sales.


In a hospital, pharmacists assist doctors with the constitution, dosage, and effects and side effects of specific medications for patients. They also educate patients about the medications that they are taking. Pharmacists are basically a part of the hospital health care team.


A pharmacist can be found teaching in a medical or pharmacy institute. They will require a post graduate degree and experience working in the pharmacy field.

Community Pharmacy:

A pharmacist can be found working in a community pharmacy which is a privately owned pharmacy that helps patients by dispensing both prescribed and non prescribed medications. They can provide assistance with community service organizations that help in-home patients get their required medications and medical information. They also assist physicians with drug information and dosages.

Retail Pharmacy:

The retail pharmacy is the general pharmacy that dispenses prescribed medications to the public and is also involved in selling drugs to physicians. They are knowledgeable about both prescription and non prescription drugs. There are many retail pharmacy chains. As well, pharmacists can own and manage their own retail pharmacy. A diploma or degree holder in Pharmacy, after registering with the State Pharmacy Council, can set up and run their own pharmacy or chemists and druggists shop to stock and sell medicines and dispense them according to physician’s prescriptions. In a retail Pharmacy he has varied duties, including buying and selling of related items demanded by the public.

Apart from the above mentioned options, also job avenues for a pharmacist are with government departments, investigation and research institutes, etc. Drug control administration and armed forces also offer a wide spectrum of opportunities to pharmacists.  Not to forget to mention, setting up one’s own business is definitely one of the most challenging and dynamic possibilities for an individual with capitalist capabilities.
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